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Escalator Handrail Sanitization
Medclean CovReady

Medclean has a proven track record of effectively managing all COVID-19 circumstances in ways that protect the wellbeing of staff and residents.


We have directly managed hundreds of situations of COVID-positive cases and/or full-scale outbreaks, delivering a stress-tested approach that takes the guessing out of a high-pressure situation.

Our Medclean CovReady solution provides a series of cleaning and infection control services, delivered by an experienced management team and cleaning personnel.

When a positive contact, confirmed case or full-scale outbreak occur, Medclean activates its tried-and-tested COVID plan, which can seamlessly integrate with the preferred response of each individual facility. Our approach outlines a clear, step-by-step process to disinfect facilities, manage workflows and agree isolation of facility areas, staff members and residents as needed.

We then activate our Medclean CovReady suite of specialised services, which includes:

  • Rapid mobilisation of cleaning staff

  • Outbreak management

  • Precautionary cleaning

  • Infectious cleaning

  • Disinfecting, sterilisation and area-specific deep cleaning

  • Staff planning & workflow management

  • Onsite education of facility staff

These services can be activated at short notice or on an emergency basis, accounting for sudden changes in circumstances at specific sites and evolving Federal, State and Local government requirements. As part of our commitment to helping clients work through the challenges presented by COVID, please also note that all our staff members and management are fully vaccinated. 

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